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Nurture Base

A range of organic materials designed to stimulate soil biology

Nurture Base is a starter fertiliser/soil applied liquid product that kickstarts the Nurture Range programme. Nurture Base contains a range of organic materials designed to stimulate soil biology and increase rooting and nutrient uptake within the plant rhizosphere.

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NK 3-12

Potassium is a highly efficient liquid foliar product that provides a variety of plants/crops with a good dose of potassium, aiding in plant growth and creating a stronger stem. Produced using the unique process of production via the Flex Fertilizer System ApS, there is a true amino complex within Potassium that increases the uptake and efficiency of trace elements to the crop.

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NP 7-14, S, Mg, Zn

Phosphorus has been developed specifically for crops under pressure with poor compacted or waterlogged situations that could lead to difficult establishment and/or restricted rooting. In times that the soil is unable to provide the impetus for growth and rooting, Phosphorus can help the plant directly whilst the soil recovers.

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N 2, S, Mg, Mn

Winter crops have to endure a lot of stress before they are over the cold and wet season. Manganese is a very important nutrient at this period of time. In winter wheat and winter barley, deficiencies of manganese can lead to death of many shoots and plants and a deficiency level can limit growth before you notice typical symptoms in the leaves.

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