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Bio Stimulants

Aiva Fertiliser biostimulants are biological or biologically derived fertiliser additives and similar products that are used in crop production to enhance plant growth, health and productivity. They might achieve this by:


  • Helping to improve nutrient-use efficiency
  • Helping plants tolerate abiotic stresses like heat, cold, drought, and too much water
  • Helping to improve quality attributes like nutritional content, appearance, and shelf-life

Biostimulants distinguish themselves from traditional crop inputs in two main ways, and are therefore complementary to crop nutrition and crop protection:


  • Biostimulants operate through different mechanisms than fertilisers, regardless of the presence of nutrients in the products.
  • They differ from crop protection products because they act only on the plant’s vigor and do not have any direct actions against pests or disease.

Seasonal Recommendation

Nurture N


Aiva Fertiliser biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigor, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses. Biostimulants foster plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed germination to plant maturity in a number of demonstrated ways, including but not limited to:

  • Improving the efficiency of the plant’s metabolism to induce yield increases and enhanced crop quality
  • Increasing plant tolerance to and recovery from abiotic stresses
  • Facilitating nutrient assimilation, translocation and use
  • Enhancing quality attributes of produce, including sugar content, color, fruit seeding, etc.
  • Rendering water use more efficient
  • Enhancing soil fertility, particularly by fostering the development of complementary soil micro-organisms”

BioStimulant Products

Nurture N

An important partner for more efficient liquid nitrogen applications

Nurture N is an easy-to-use liquid fertiliser amendment that is an enhanced carbohydrate material, high in organic acids, proteins and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity). The next step in the Nurture Range programme, following from Nurture Base, Nurture N was designed with a natural capacity for nitrogen chelation as an improved partner for liquid nitrogen applications over current available molasses materials

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Nurture Lift

Increasing plant uptake and product efficiency

Nurture Lift is a foliar liquid product that mixes very easily with foliar nutrients/multi-nutrients, fungicides and pesticides. The last segment of the Nurture Range programme, Nurture Lift contains a range of organic materials, proteins and nutrients that stimulates phylosphere biology, increasing plant uptake and the efficiency of products mixed with it.

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Nurture Base

A range of organic materials designed to stimulate soil biology

Nurture Base is a starter fertiliser/soil applied liquid product that kickstarts the Nurture Range programme. Nurture Base contains a range of organic materials designed to stimulate soil biology and increase rooting and nutrient uptake within the plant rhizosphere.

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Naturally occurring plant growth promoter

Triboost is a naturally occurring plant growth promoter which can act as a photosynthesis enhancer. It increases cell division rates leading to production of larger root and shoot mass. When sprayed on plants during growth periods, it activates secondary messengers leading to enhanced enzymatic activities in plants that increase photosynthesis.

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Sulphur CN

Liquid soil flocculent and ultra fine colloidal sulphur source

Sulphur CN is a unique formulation and biological available source of sulphur, calcium and nitrogen that improves both the nutritional status of the plant, and the structure and chemistry of the soil. Sulphur CN helps aid in flocculation, and can act to correct soil pH issues.

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Stim XL

100% pure cold extracted seaweed

Stim XL is a 100% pure seaweed cold extract, obtained from Ascophyllum nodosum, and produced by an innovative ‘cold extraction’ process. It is a biostimulant that is especially effective during critical growth stages as well as aiding in overcoming environmental stress situations

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Natural fermented plant extract rich in amino acids and organic matter

Nurture60 is multi use liquid biostimulant product that is rich in amino acids and organic matter. Nurture60 originates from evaporated effluents from the fermentation industries, based upon molasses. This means Nurture60 contains fulvic and humic acids, macro and micro nutrients and has significant plant biostimulant properties.

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Helps improve nutrient availability and activity

Bioflex is a unique blend of bio-ingredients that are metabolic enhancers and act together to improve nutrient availability and activity. Containing cold processed liquid seaweed, which is especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations, and fulvic and humic acids, that are natural organic chelating agents and natural sources of carbon. Bioflex is perfect in aiding a plants nutrient availability and activity.

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Liquid organic matter

Fulvic40 is a rich source of organic carbon providing natural humic and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural organic chelating agent that moves nutrients into the plant from the soil, and helps to translocate them where they are required inside the plant. Humic extract is a natural source of carbon, providing the most important food source for soil microbes and holds excess nutrients until the plant requires them, saving nutrients from leaching through the rootzone.

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