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For strength and growth, crops require the gradual release of nutrients. A good start and then an even pattern of growth is preferable to maximise yield but conventional fertilisers tend to act more like a short, sharp shock treatments. This can result in undesirable growth patterns with less than optimal development initially and an undernourished plant in the later stages. Additional fertilisation provides only a partial solution to the problem. The key to success is controlling the release of nutrients more effectively.

Aiva Fertiliser uses the Flex Fertilizer System technology. The liquid fertiliser contains nutrients in a form that can be taken up by the leaves and utilised by plants efficiently. The nutrient content is put into complex compounds using complex chemistry. This formulation results in nutrients being kept available to the plants for a longer period or time, and are not lost to leaching or evaporation to the same extent as traditional fertilisers. Unlike traditional fertilisers

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Complex chemistry, optimising nutrient availability and application.

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